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Repaired and reinforce your pilings

One of the challenges of wood pilings in a marine environment is the deterioration of wood from the inside out at the tide zone level. Marine boring organisms (typically referred to as “Marine Spores”) are generally the cause of destruction to unprotected pilings. Fortunately, in many instances, damaged pilings can be repaired and reinforced, saving you the cost of extraction and replacement.

marine construction piling services | Naples Marine Construction - Naples, Florida
marine construction piling services | Naples Marine Construction - Naples, Florida
boat dock with close up pilings | Naples Marine Construction - Naples, Florida

Depending on the extent of deterioration of unprotected pilings, two options are available to extend the life of your pilings:

  1. For pilings which are structurally sound, but beginning to show the effects of marine spores, Naples Marine Construction can clean and protect the pilings with a polyethylene UV-resistant wrap, which will kill or drive away any existing marine spores.
  2. Pile Jackets are necessary when the deterioration threatens the structural integrity of the base of your deck or dock. The Pile Jacket is a hard plastic casing system used to reinforce damaged pilings. This process protects the pilings from further damage by allowing us to “surround” the piling with an environmentally safe PVC jacket. The jacket leaves a 1 ½ “ to 2” gap between the jacket and the piling and extends 10-12 inches into the water bottom. Concrete is then poured into the jacket to reinforce the decayed piles and restore them to their original strength.

The most important part of any structure is its foundation, which is why Naples Marine Construction always wraps newly installed pilings with a black, polyethylene wrapping to protect and extend the life of your pilings. Whether you’re in need of a new construct, a refurbishment, or reinforcement, we want to ensure that the foundation of your deck or dock meets our safety standards.
If you are concerned about your pilings, gives us a call. We are here to help by providing you with the information needed to make the best and most cost effective decision possible.