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Expert craftsmanship & premium quality materials

We offer a number of solutions for erosion control and protection of your property. Our seawalls are constructed from high quality materials for the greatest sustainability. Options include concrete, vinyl sheet pile, traditional wood, and rip rap.

Before construction, our knowledgeable team can take a look at the area and recommend the best option for your property, mindful of your vision, structural integrity and safety, and permitting constraints.

Marine construction and the repair of a seawall requires knowledge, experience, expert craftsmanship, and of course premium quality materials.

seawall marine construction services | Naples Marine Construction - Naples, Florida
seawall marine construction services | Naples Marine Construction - Naples, Florida
seawall marine construction services | Naples Marine Construction - Naples, Florida

Vinyl Sheet Piling
Vinyl seawalls provide longevity and are a cost-effective option for many of our customers. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they provide UV protection and often come with an extended manufacturer warranty. In addition, the construction timeline is often shorter for vinyl seawalls, as they require less labor to install. Vinyl sheet piling resists corrosion and insect infestation, making it an economically friendly, virtually maintenance-free, and a durable option.

Seawalls and caps constructed with concrete have dominated the market for decades. However, over time, many of the concrete seawalls built in the Naples and surrounding areas have aged and are badly in need of repair or in some cases, total replacement. If your concrete seawall or cap is showing signs of cracking, buckling or crumbling, we have the knowledge, ability, and experience to restore its structural integrity.

Wood seawalls, often seen along canals and on golf courses, are more traditional looking. However, they potentially require more maintenance and replacement because wood is more susceptible to damage and corrosion from salt and age.

Rip Rap
The most natural and widely used seawall in the United States is rip rap. Rip rap seawalls are constructed from stacking rock or stone (usually limestone). Concrete and vinyl sheet pilings “reflect” wave action, whereas rip rap, because of its irregularly shaped structure and slope, actually “absorbs” wave action and helps to keep the sea bottom from eroding away. Environmentally friendly and cost effective, rip rap is an aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional seawalls.

Regardless of the composition of your seawall, Naples Marine Construction highly recommends regular inspections. As we all know, repairs when possible are a far better option than rebuilding should damage go undetected and further deterioration occurs. The master craftsmen at Naples Marine Construction will consult with you as to the optimal seawall design and construct for your property.